Through the development of an integrated innovative approach partners aim to prevent current pupils to be unemployed and get stuck at home,
and to reengage people in training and education who have had their education interupted due to various reasons.


Work Packages

The HanDS partners have structured the project into a number of Work Packages that are all connected to each other.

The starting point of all activities are the labour market needs. From an education point of view, these needs will be translated into the Internship carousel (WP2). In case pupils are not successful in this carousel they have the opportunity to gain additional competences in the Labour-based training centre (WP3). From a labour point of view, the labour market needs will be translated into the Web-based guidelines (WP4). In case former pupils/job seekers are missing essential competences, they can be trained in the Labour-based evening school (WP3). The Measurement system (WP1) that will be developed, can be used in all phases of the HanDS project to assess the strengths and weaknesses of pupils and job seekers and monitor the progress made.