Long-term unemployment and early school leaving are multi-faceted and complex problems with an European dimension that need comprehensive approaches.

Therefore, within HanDS two schools (DE WISSEL and  Ten R. Righetti)) and two organisations with a direct link to the labour market (SURPLUS and EEPL) decided to join forces. All organisations  are convinced that the transnational cooperation between them will enhance the quality of the partners’ activities, develop an innovative way of thinking and build new networks. More specifically, will lead to improved work methodologies, transfer of good practices and a new perspective on problems, solutions and methods.

Stichting Surplus

The Netherlands

Vakschool Het Diekman

The Netherlands

Ten R. Righetti


Entwicklungsgesellschaft Energiepark Lausitz GmbH


Stichting Surplus is a regional oriented, innovative and solution focused organisation that pffers and develops work opportunities for (long-term) unemployed individuals. Surplus combines unemployment with social entrepeneurship and offers a variety of work placements.

Vakschool Het Diekman is a practical school for secondary education with 150 pupils. These pupils have general learning disabilities compared to their regular peers. The purpose of the school is participation and direct focus on the labour market.

One of the main tasks of the school is to assist and guide the student’s training process. Technocal and Professional Education is a powerful tool for entering the productive world. Our Institute, named after Lieutenant Remo Righetti, starting from 2000/2001 school year, is configured with the aggregation of ITIS and IPSIA, previously separated. 

Entwicklungsgesellschaft Energiepark Lausitz GmbH (EEPL) is a project development company with an emphasis in the metal and electrical industries. EEPL supports customers in growth and improving their business processes and their personnel management.